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The Full Story

In 1965, Picie Hylton opened the Cabinet Shop, which evolved over the next 31 years into Hylton Lumber Company.

Paint products were added in 1969 and the mill in 1977. The store was remodeled in 1980 and the addition for the Cabinet Shop was built in 1985. The store was remodeled again in 1985 to bring in a complete hardware store.

Picie died in 1997, leaving Hylton Lumber to a trust he had set up for the terminally ill and to his employees.

Hylton Lumber has since purchased the Metal Shop building, the house at 336 H Street in 2003 and the house at 332 H Street in 2007.

Roy and the team have built Hylton Lumber into the best, most efficient lumber yard in the area.

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